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    Home Grown

    Home grown fruit does taste better. Apart from the fact that you know exactly what the plants were exposed to during their life, there is also the sweetness of the success of growing them. Fresh red berries are in no way similar to the dry fruit.

    Pick Daily

    While they are perhaps not the most decorative of plants in the garden, their ability to produce at least one and usually two crops of berry a year makes them a worthwhile inclusion in any garden situationĀ 


    Year to Year

    Our shrubs are trimmed back twice a year to encourage new wood to come from the roots.

    The more stems coming from the root base, the more fruit you get.

    Fresh is Best

    The fruit itself is quite delicate and needs to be picked just before you are ready to eat them. They have a very short 'shelf life' which is why you will never see them them in fresh fruit markets.

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